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 Attention: Stressed Out Parents 

“Discover A Surprisingly Powerful Secret To Flip Your Parenting Overwhelm, Struggle and Chaos Into a Happier Life Filled With Love, Connection and Joy”

Let Me Ask You…

  • Are you constantly nagging or yelling at your children?


  • Do you feel like your negotiations and the chaotic home environment that you have right now isn’t exactly filled with bliss? 


  • Do you sometimes feel out of control and ready to pull your hair out, wanting to give up as a parent?


  • Have you found yourself becoming a 24-hour concierge service and don’t have a life of your own?


  • If you can relate, then you’re in the right place.

Make Sure Your Sound is Turned ON! (Please Wait for Video to Fully Load)

I’ve Uncovered A ‘New Secret Parenting System’
That Almost Nobody Knows About…
That has the ability to turn your life around faster than anything else you’ve ever experienced!

Just like you, I was feeling worn out, anxious, overwhelmed with no relief in sight and was praying for a lifeline!

It’s Time To Get Your Life Back 


It wasn't until I discovered a life-changing plan that turned everything around. Imagine no more yelling, negotiating, or arguing with your children. 

Experiencing harmony and joy without chaos. 

Your children are now happy, responsible and empowered.  And for you… you now have your life back. 

The secrets I found completely changed my family, and they can change yours, too…And now, are you ready for me to reveal the first Happy Life Secret with you?



Imagine creating a better system for yourself and your family and generating true

heart-centered happiness together. 


Shifting your life from

Take a look at the video below for a sneak peak of The Happy Life System that I will be bringing to you soon.



Lauren , You carry a light that will ease parents into finding their true self and guiding their children to do the same. 

Liz – mother of 4

You are absolute inspiration and have changed my life. I will forever be grateful for finding you.

Kerri – mother of 3

I would not know what I would do without you! You have inspired me and my family. We are taking our family to the next level. Thank you, Lauren, for the Happy Life System and all you have taught us.

Sierra – mother of 2


Lauren Magers did not get here following

another’s path. 

Her fearlessness and passion to guide others is rooted in extraordinary experiences. 

With only a laptop and a vision- to build one of the most exclusive outdoor media companies in the world. Without a single dollar from outside investors, Lauren built NPRP Media with her husband Brad Magers from the ground up. Today it is an Inc. 5000 company that reaches millions globally.

Her life story is a series of courageous leaps. As a collegiate athlete she went for a star soccer - to leaving sports and school behind - as she transformed into a young, passionate career woman and entrepreneur. 


Motherhood ignited Lauren’s greatest call- to change the world by changing the fundamental family system. Her desire to stop generational trauma cycles drove her to forge a new path. 

Her feverish quest to uncover life shaping wisdom began. Wisdom compelling enough to inspire the raising of amazing humans. 

Lauren created The Happy Life System the world’s first comprehensive life structure that develops character and teaches children and role models how to find joy in every moment with a new language and a foundation to built to empower each individual in a gamified way. This is achieved through pillars with living principles that activate daily positive habits and  build self-mastery.

Known as “The school of the heart” a new foundation for life.



Discover how to stop all of your stress and anxiety right now

Discover the first step to creating a Happy Life 

And it starts with the FIRST SECRET which you will find here with your Free Gift:

“A Simple 3-Step Activation Plan”


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