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YOU have the right to live the Happy Life--whatever that means for YOU! Whether it's dancing on the counter while you clean, working on your dream from the family kitchen, or forgiving yourself when you mess up, The Happy Life starts when you declare your right to it! That's why you need a list of personal rights that support YOU as the champion of your own Happy Life. This FREE poster and worksheet bundle will help you affirm your happy life rights. EVERY TIME you look at your poster, you will be reminded of the rights that are fundamental to your happiness as a human being, and the worksheet will help you--and your family--zero in on the specific rights you personally most need to focus on in order to claim the happy life that you deserve. Download Now and begin declaring your right to The Happy Life today!

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This time, it’s about YOU.

You have the right :

  • To be loved for who you are, not for what you do.

  • To be treated with respect and not be bullied.

  • To say “No, thank you” without needing to explain.

  • To ask for help as many times as you need to.



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Want the recipe for raising confident, happy kids?

The secret lies in empowering them to feel loved, safe, and like their voice matters.


It is the mission of the Happy Life System to help you do just that, so I am beyond excited to share my new Happy Life Rights poster and worksheet with you.

Take your family from ordinary to extraordinary, and download your free Happy Life Rights poster and worksheet bundle today!


Hi, I’m Lauren - entrepreneur, visionary, inspirational speaker, mother - and I love you.


I know that’s a bit weird coming from a stranger, but stick with me here.


When I was in my early 20s I set out to find what creates the happiest humans on earth. 


​All my experiences- from being an awarded D-1 collegiate athlete, becoming an entrepreneur, building from the ground up an Inc. 5000 media company that has reached millions globally, to becoming a mother of four- drove my dedication to figure it out.

You know what I discovered ultimately brings happiness? Finding joy in every opportunity in life. 


​It was when I brought this truth into my family that I saw how it turned mundane into magic and held the power to change the world.


​That gave me the inspiration to create a system that teaches people how to change their lives. A system that empowers children and families to shift life from ordinary to extraordinary.


​I call it The Happy Life System


​This revolutionary parenting approach unifies, gamifies, and amplifies life by stacking daily positive habits to rewire the brain, shift limiting beliefs, build self-mastery and strengthen the power of connection within ourselves and the world around us. 


​And because I love you, and know that you want to be happy too, I’m bringing this system to you and YOUR family soon.



When you commit to protecting your rights, you commit to living the happy life, and to helping your family do the same. This Happy Life Bill of Rights wallpaper. will help claim it, affirm it, protect it, and embrace it. I hope you’ll take advantage of this exclusive limited time offer and start living into your Happy Life Rights now!

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