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Are you ready to liberate your right to live The Happy Life?

You have the opportunity here and now to transform your life from mundane to magical by putting your stake in the ground and claiming your RIGHT to live: The Happy Life! Here’s the sauce:

It all starts with you!

To have The Happy Life, YOU must know, like really know, your personal rights as a human being., The best way to gain the deep knowing is to remind yourself of it often!


That’s what The Happy Life Rights series is all about. Equipping YOU--and those you love!-- with the materials that make it easy to declare your rights for living The Happy Life!

Check out The Happy Life Rights product lineup here:



The new Happy Life Rights lineup takes the essential personal rights of a happy human, and  displays them on beautifully designed products. 


The wildly popular Happy Life Rights Poster--now available in light AND dark!--becomes an immediate family focus point in your home. It colorfully displays the list of MOST essential human rights to remind you, your children, your spouse, and your friends, exactly what it is that you deserve in life. Like freedom, and grace, and abundance. Order one for you AND one for your bestie!

Check out the Happy Life Poster Options here!

Happiness is waking up stoked on life. You have the RIGHT to wake up that way, and it starts with you believing you have that right!


One of the fastest ways to build that belief is to use handheld cues to affirm and anchor your rights, and that’s EXACTLY what the Happy Life Rights Card Deck is all about.

52 unique cards that all contain a singular POWERFUL right for you to affirm and proclaim to help build your belief and construct The Happy Life for you. These 52 declarations can be used in affirmation rituals, daily reminders, and even in oracle fashion! Plus, if you’re a Mom like me you want to raise happy, well-adjusted children, and that means we have to teach them that they have the right to be happy. These cards are a fun way to do that and can be used with kids and adults alike!

BILL of RIGHTS Cards - 02.JPG
BILL of RIGHTS Cards - 01.JPG
BILL of RIGHTS Cards - 04.JPG
BILL of RIGHTS Cards - 03.JPG
BILL of RIGHTS Card - Front 01.JPG

Browse The Happy Life Rights Card Deck now!

What are some of The Happy Life rights that can help you most?

Declare your right:

  • To be loved for who you are, not what you do.

  • To live shame free and have boundaries.

  • To be treated with respect and not be bullied.

  • To be unique and imperfect and color outside the lines.


...and more!

Create The Happy Life you deserve by surrounding yourself with the messages that affirm your RIGHT to live happy and free! It all starts with belief, and belief is built upon repetition, experience, and emotion. The Happy Life Rights products help you do all three so that you actually get results!

Check out The Happy Life Rights product lineup here:


If you’re not in a position to get your physical copies of The Happy Life Rights yet, I understand, and I got you! These rights are too important not to share. Click here to download my custom Happy Life Rights phone wallpaper. It’s beautifully designed, expertly crafted, and it’s my gift to you-FREE! You have the RIGHT to live The Happy Life, and I believe in you.


P.S. You made it all the way to the bottom of the page, which means you resonate with this message to declare your rights to live The Happy Life!


You deserve it, and I want to help you believe it, affirm it, and create it. Even more, I want to help you help others you know and love believe it, affirm it, and create it too! If someone’s name popped in your head when you were scrolling around here, there’s a reason! Consider gifting them one of The Happy Life Rights products, or sharing this page with them. We’re strongest when we’re supporting others, and I’m glad to know you’re the kind of person who finds strength in that too! Thanks for being you!

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