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What Do MOMS Desire Most?:  “I Just Want My Kids to Be Happy…”

Discover the New Life-School Opportunity System

Parents, Children and Families are Successfully Using to Activate Their Internal "Happiness Switch."

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JANUARY 31, 2022










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Parenting can be a source of life’s happiest moments and/or life’s most overwhelming challenges. Let’s start with the challenging stuff…

  • Not having a structured parenting plan to follow

  • Winging it when things get out of control

  • Chaotic living environment

  • Yelling, fighting and family arguments

  • Using negative language during stressful times

  • Being too busy to be present with your child

  • Not spending enough quality time with your child

  • Lack of family harmony and connection

  • Letting technology and society influence your child

  • Letting your child dictate what they eat, when they go to bed, what they watch on TV, etc.

  • Keeping their child safe and out of trouble

  • Not leading by example, not being your child’s role model

  • Projecting YOUR goals onto your child

  • Expecting perfection 

  • And the list goes on and on…

Parent Challenges List

We all know that parenting does not come with an instructional manual so we are essentially on our own to figure it out…pretty much winging it for the most part.

Considering how absolutely essential the parenting role is in a child’s life it is time to change this scenario. 


How do you “flip the switch” so that happy moments simply show up as the norm?

It starts with what I call the Oppy (short for Opportunity) Flip! 


Implementing this ONE secret is the KEY to turning over the first domino in creating Life-Changing Results.


Imagine having the playbook and system for stacking the happy moments deck in your favor… Even when life throws you challenge after challenge?


So what is this blueprint, system and game for living the happy, loving and connected life you dream of?

It's called The Happy Life System!

Hi! I’m Lauren Magers.

Mentor | Speaker | Author | Mother of 4

Creator of the Happy Life System!

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YES, it’s all about activating yourself and your family into a lifestyle method that uses what you’re already doing to shift into joyful, positive interactions and outcomes. And it’s FUN for you and the whole family too! 

Is the Happy Life System easy to follow and implement?

Want to Overcome Your Parenting Challenges?

  • If you are feeling tired, overwhelmed and stressed out…and are looking for an easy way OUT of parenting chaos…the Happy Life System is for you.

  • If you have anxiety around being a good parent and your mind is constantly racing, keeping you awake at night, giving you a headache…I’d love to show you HOW activating your heart-space works miracles!

  • You will learn how to go from FEAR, worry and doubt into LOVE, joy and peace.

  • If your child is a fussy eater or needs to work on their food choices like eating more vegetables and taking care of their body…

 You’ve come to the right place!


Happy Life System Benefits

  • Lifestyle activation process

  • You and your family will see the world through the lens of Opportunities instead of obligations and chores

  • Children learn positive habits by stacking Opportunities daily

  • Easy to use framework and system for raising a self-aware and self-actualized child

  • Life Gamifying system elevating happiness and joy 

  • Children become the masters on their own life through self-mastery of the Happy Life Pillars

  • Learn how to create an abundance of positivity each day through daily affirmations

  • Learn the process of deeper connection with family and friends

  • Creates and develops empowered humans

  • Teaches words have power

  • Framework for teaching the values of courage, compassion, kindness and responsibility

  • Teaches respecting and appreciating others as well as themselves

  • Creates clarity in a child’s life to fulfill their talents and dreams

  • Plan for developing self-disciple 


The Happy Life System is a gamified approach to life and parenting that uses simple, everyday opportunities to create happy families, happy kids, and happy humans.


Ask 100 parents what they want for their kids, and 99 of them will answer: “I just want my kids to be happy.” How exactly do we do that? This is why I created the Happy Life System. I knew I wanted to figure out HOW to raise happy kids, AND be a happy adult at the same time. It’s an activation plan that helps everyone in the family, adults included, figure out exactly what to DO, in order to be happy.


Most parents are tired of being the cop. They don’t want to negotiate, cajole, argue, and police everything for their children. The Happy Life System removes this tension and replaces it with an approach that unites the family around playing a game together.


The Happy Life System transforms the drudgery and chores of life into celebrations and opportunities. It makes everyday life more fun, and relieves the stress out of the parent-child relationship.


Families already have some kind of system in place, even if they don’t realize it, and for most of them, it’s creating stress, tension, burnout, and frustration. Moms are tired. Dads are maxed. Parents are overworked, underappreciated, and feeling like there must be a better way. At least that’s where I was, and when I couldn’t find a better way, I began creating the better way. Now, 12 years, and 4 kids later, I can tell you there absolutely IS a better way, and it’s called the Happy Life System. It’s easy, it’s fun, and it will elevate the whole family’s daily experience.


The Happy Life System is all about activating yourself and your family into a lifestyle method that uses what you’re already doing to shift into joyful, positive interactions and outcomes.


  • Oppy Flips - Turning unpleasant tasks or chores into enjoyable opportunities.

  • Gamification - Creating joy and building character by playing the Happy Life System Pillar-based life experience game. 

  • Activation - A hidden activation point where heart-centered decisions can be adopted.

  • Happy Life System Pillars - The habits, characteristics and framework for achieving more love, connection and joy in life.

  • Reframing - Shifting language and programming to get a desired result.

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FOR ONLY $1,997

Early Bird Discount:  $997 (available through 1/28/22)

*Payment plan available: 3 monthly installments of $369

  • Hands-on, LIVE Happy Life System Activation training and mentoring with Lauren Magers

  • 12 Virtual/ Live dates/ sessions (Monday/Friday) for 6 weeks

  • Special curated gift box for all VIP Mastermind participants

  • Bonuses - Happy Life Rights Digital Poster and Card Deck

  • Discounted pricing for Happy Life System GLOW Event

  • Access to previous day recordings

  • VIP Mastermind Group transformational stories are featured in upcoming Happy Life System events.

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